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Quick Ship Pallet Racks

Need a rack solution quick? We can help.

We have pallet rack frames, pallet rack beams, pallet rack wire decking, and pallet rack accessories in stock and ready to ship. We know you don’t have time to wait for a new pallet rack order to come in–which is why we stock these parts and have them on hand at all times. Follow our stress-free ordering process and you’ll receive your pallet rack solutions in no time. Shipping from Taylor, MI. Browse available sizes and specifications below and get your free quote to get started. 

Quick Ship Pallet Rack Frames

No matter what products you’re storing, our pallet rack frames can hold them. We sell roll-formed selective pallet rack frames made of high-strength steel. These have teardrop uprights and a riveted beam end plate design for extra stability. Choose from customizations like different colors, a hot-dipped finishing option for extra protection, different heights, and much more. 

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Part NumberLength (in)Capacity(in lb)
UFL 1896 x 2416,000
UFL 29144 x 3621,200
UFL 1896 x 4216,000
UFL 18120 x 4216,000
UFL 18144 x 4216,000
UHF 29144 x 4221,200
UHF 29192 x 4221,200
UFL 1896 x 4816,000
UFH 29144 x 4821,200
UFH 29192 x 4821,200

Quick Ship Pallet Rack Beams

Our roll-formed step beams are equally strong and high-quality. Made with the same 55 KSI high-strength steel. they feature three- or four-rivet connectors. Plus, they’re painted with high-gloss, abrasion resistant powder coat paint to ensure performance in even the toughest environments. 

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Roll-Formed Step Beams

Roll-Formed Step Beams img
Part NumberLength (in)Capacity(in lb)

Quick Ship Pallet Rack Wire Decking

Wire decking is a perfect solution for storing products that require airflow or a certain temperature. Easily scan barcodes and have peace of mind knowing they’re more durable than wood. Choose from 42” or 48” deep decks with a cut channel style or 24” or 36” in a flared style. These wire decks are proudly made in the USA and are a breeze to install.

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Wire Mesh Decking

Wire mesh decking for pallet racks
Part DescriptionSize (depth by width, in)Capacity(in lb)
Wire Deck24 x 462500
Wire Deck36 x 462500
Wire Deck42 x 462500
Wire Deck42 x 582500
Wire Deck48 x 462500
Wire Deck48 x 582500

Quick Ship Pallet Rack Accessories

Make your pallet racking perfect for your needs with a variety of accessories. Choose from options like aisle guards or weight capacity stickers for safety, reel holders for spooled products, row spacers, crossbar support beams, and much more.

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Part DescriptionSize (depth by width, in)Capacity(in lb)
UA2016”Row Spacer 6”
UA20112”Row Spacer 12”
UA20642”Cross Bar 42” 2500/pr
UA20712”Post Protector 12” Orange
Shims3.25” x 4.5” x 1/8”
Anchor1/2” x 3.75”
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