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42” Pallet Rack Cross Bars

Pallet rack cross bars keep your products secure and prevent workplace injury. Also known as pallet supports or pallet support bars, they’re less expensive than wire decking. Perfect if you have a rackable pallet loading operation. Call us at Unirak for your free same-day quote or chat with our team of experts to find exactly what you need.

42” Pallet Rack Cross Bars at Unirak

Pallet rack cross bars reinforce your racking system by supporting the pallet from underneath. While the step beams are what hold the weight of a pallet, the cross bars make your racking system even more stabilized.

They help distribute the pallet’s weight evenly, so you don’t have to worry about misplaced or skewed pallets.

Cross bars are perfect for holding up multiple pallets, too. The extra reinforcement means you can place pallets higher. You can trust your supports are secure which will improve loading times and increase your vertical storage space.

Cross bar supports to improve pallet rack safety

Key features of Unirak UA206 Cross Bars:

  • 42” Cross Bar
  • 2500-pound support per pair
  • Waterfall style cascades over the face of the beam
  • Easy, instantaneous installation
  • Galvanized steel resists corrosion
  • Multiple color options available

How Do I Install Unirak Pallet Rack Cross Bars?

Simply drop the cross bars over the load beams, and you’re ready to go! For heavy duty applications, you can secure with tek screws.

In general, we recommend two cross bars per pallet position for a 2,500 lb capacity. But it depends on the weight of your loads and the size of your pallet racking system. For heavier loads, use three or more cross bars per pallet. Contact our specialists to find the right setup for your operation.

Find Pallet Racking Supplies & Accessories at Unirak

Find any pallet rack accessories you need with Unirak’s extensive inventory. Our Quickship products are available to ship within one week, so supplying your business with the tools you need is even easier. Plus, our expert specialists will work with you to determine the right size, amount, and strengths you need for your pallet racking system. Custom solutions are available as well. Contact us online, give us a call, or send us an email with all your questions.

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