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Unirak Pallet Rack Frames

The Tear Drop/Riveted Beam End Plate design has become the industrial shelving standard for good reason. No other pallet racking combination provides better connectivity, capacity, system rigidity and long term flexibility for product mix elevation changes. Having a warehouse shelving system that easily adapts as your needs change and that maintains higher re-sale value than any other is win-win. Unirak Frames are one-piece MIG welded of 55 KSI hi-strength steel and painted with Hi-Gloss, Abrasion resistant powder coat paint that is available in hundreds of colors. Call today for all your custom metal shelving needs!



Double postings for pallet rack in high traffic warehouse areas

Double Posting 1 leg or 2

Recommended for high traffic areas, at minimum 60” high. Impact protection and capacity gains.

Heavy duty frame splice kits for pallet racks

HD Frame Splice Kits

HD splice kits features outer wrap and inner splice matched pattern mounting plates.

Pallet rack base plates

8” x 8” by 3/8” Base Plates

Common seismic areas and where tall height to depth ratios require additional anchoring.

Welded Deflecto guards

Welded Deflecto Guards

Available in bolt-on or welded in 4” to 60” height 2.5” x2.5” x1/4” structural angle.

Pallet rack nesting shims

Nesting Shims (foot plates)

Per RMI guidelines, rack frames must be plumb to achieve specified capacity. Anti-spin, 1/8th thick.

Unirak Roll Formed Step Beams

Unirak step beams feature 55 KSI hi-strength steel that is continuously hi-frequency seam welded on a state- of-the-art tube mill. This provides consistent robotic end plate weldable shapes and precision length cuts. SEVEN Step beam profiles provide capacity matched sizing. Optimized vertical cube use and cost efficiency is assured. Unirak Beams Feature 3 Rivet connectors (4 rivet available on standard 6.5" SB650) and replaceable locking clips. All beams are painted with Hi-Gloss, Abrasion resistant powder coat paint that is available in 100's of colors..



Heavy duty rivet endplates on galvanized pallet racks

8” HD 4 Rivet endplates

All S8650 beams feature 8” endplates but also used for HD applications, some seismic and single beam level installs.

Adjustable endplates for gravity pallet and carton flow warehouse storage systems

Infinity Adjustable endplates

Commonly used in gravity pallet & carton flow to provide conveyor support where slopes vary.

Upgraded zinc-coated replacement spring safety clips and pins for warehouse pallet racks

Replacement Spring Safety Clips/Pins

Standard clips are factory installed and powder coated. Replacements are ZINC coated and in stock – Grav. Pins

Alt beams on galvanized pallet rack

Alt Beams: Sq/ or Rect. Tube Structural “C”

Manufactured to spec-form HD tubes/structural channel beams to light duty hand stack small profile box beams.

Pallet rack capacity labels

Capacity Labels:

Operators should be aware of safe load capacity limits Labels are available or spec for in house production.

Unirak Storage System Accessories

Maximum safety and productivity in your warehouse

Galvanized row spacer and wall ties for warehouse storage racks

Row Spacer/Wall Tie

Standard duty 201/203 series row and wall ties are 14GA galvanized. 202/204 HD are tubular powder coated. Both inc. frame hardware only.

Cross bar supports to improve pallet rack safety

Cross Bar Supports

When hi-quality rack-able pallets are used, UA206 Cross Bars offer added safety for misplaced or skewed pallets.

Reel holders to storing and dispensing spooled products

Reel Holders

Store/dispense spooled product. Accepts up to 1.75 inch diameter axles. Sold in pairs.

Fork entry bars for warehouse storage racking

Fork Entry Bars

Sheet stock, or any product non-palletized product, can be stored and supported on 3.5” tubular supports

Post protectors to protect warehouse pallet rack frames

Post protectors

Recommended for high traffic areas, at minimum aisle entry points. ¼” thick steel, multi height with 4 anchor holes.

Backstop beams for warehouse racks

Back Stop Beams

UA222 back stop beam assemblies come in 3 piece kits. 1.5” square tube bolts to 12 GA bkts. Offsets to spec.

End of aisle guards to protect pallet racks in warehouses from forklifts

End of aisle guards

Similar to UA217 post protectors, one leg is long and allows ¼” thick steel to run depth of upright for protection.

Wire mesh decks for added support in warehouse pallet racks

Wire Mesh Decks

We stock made in USA Wire Mesh Deck. 42” /48” deep decks feature cut channel style while 24”/36” –flared.

Solid steel decks for heavy point loading in warehouses

Solid Steel Decks

In applications where heavy point loading is expected, we manufacture 12 GA solid deck with tubular supports.

Wire and net rack back for warehouse storage racks

Wire or Net Rack Back

Full steel mesh wire rack back or netting combined with UA222, Pallet Back Stops (net) protect adjacent traffic areas.


Hi-Gloss, Durable Powder Coat Finish

Our High strength steel racking components start with a multi-stage phosphate bath prior to an electrostatic coating that is applied which is then bake to cure. The result is an abrasion resistant finish second to none.



If you need a color not shown above, Custom Color matching is available an quoted to spec. We're happy to match 100's of RAL Colors


Hot dipped galvanized racking is ideal to use in applications such as; outdoor use, coolers, and freezers without the worry of erosion.  We have a variety of sizes and capacities to suit any need.

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