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Pallet Rack Backstops

Pallet rack backstops are an essential part of warehouse safety because they prevent the pallet from falling off the back of your pallet racks. They also help you maintain the required flue space in your warehouse, helping you maintain airflow and working with your fire suppression system. Here at UNIRAK, our pallet rack stop beams are durable enough to hold your loaded pallets and keep your warehouse organized. Learn more about the specifications below and contact us today for your free quote.

Backstop beam

Pallet Rack Back Stop Beams at UNIRAK Storage Systems

Our pallet rack back stop beams (SKU# UA222) come in three-piece kits with 1.5” square tube that bolts to 12 gauge brackets. They bolt to your uprights and they’re easy to move if you need to reassemble your pallet racking setup. We can customize your offset, but usually, these are 1” to 12” from the back of the uprights. These are available in a variety of sizes to suit your need.

These pallet rack backstops are great if your pallet racking setup is next to a work area. They’re also good for protecting your walls if your setup backs up to a wall in your building. In refrigerated or freezer rooms, a pallet rack backstop can prevent costly damage to your paneling.

We offer hot dipped galvanized racking which is ideal in tough conditions like freezers, humidity, or other environments which may cause erosion.

We sell these in any quantity, from single pallet rack backstops to an entire warehouse.

All Your Pallet Racking Needs at UNIRAK

We’re the pallet racking experts with everything you need to perfect the pallet racking in your workspace. Browse our products to find anything you could possibly need, from essentials like uprights, frames, or beams, as well as accessories like crossbar supports and row spacers

Need equipment in a rush? We’re committed to getting you the tools you need, which is why we offer Quickship solutions for our most popular products like frames, beams, wire mesh decking, and common accessories, like row spacers and cross bars. Contact us today to get your quote and get started.

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