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Row Spacer/Wall Tie

Galvanized row spacer and wall ties for warehouse storage racks

Standard duty 201/203 series row and wall ties are 14GA galvanized. 202/204 HD are tubular powder coated. Both inc. frame hardware only.

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Fork entry bars for warehouse storage racking

Sheet stock, or any product non-palletized product, can be stored and supported on 3.5” tubular supports

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Post protectors to protect warehouse pallet rack frames

Recommended for high traffic areas, at minimum aisle entry points. ¼” thick steel, multi height with 4 anchor holes.

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Backstop beams for warehouse racks

UA222 back stop beam assemblies come in 3 piece kits. 1.5” square tube bolts to 12 GA bkts. Offsets to spec.

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Wire mesh decks for added support in warehouse pallet racks

We stock made in USA Wire Mesh Deck. 42” /48” deep decks feature cut channel style while 24”/36” –flared.

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