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Pallet Rack Beams

At Unirak, we’re proud to be your resource for storage solutions. Whatever you need when it comes to your material handling and storage needs, we’re proud to deliver products that will solve all of your problems.
We know how popular teardrop beams have become, and since they’re considered the industrial shelving standard, we carry plenty of versions to ensure you have a beam that delivers the capabilities you need for your warehouse.

We offer these beams in plenty of colors and finishing options so that you can meet your needs when you’re working with outdoor use, coolers, freezers, and more.


Warehouse with custom pallet racks, wire mesh decks, and safety equipment

Unirak Roll Formed Step Beams & Add-Ons

Beams are crucial to the structure of your storage because they transfer loads from the slabs to the column. Our step beams feature high-strength steel to ensure it operates the way you need them to. We offer plenty of different beam capacities, all painted with Hi-Gloss, an abrasion-resistant powder coat paint to protect your investment. Looking for ways to enhance your structure? Unirak offers plenty of beam add-ons to help you tackle your warehouse needs. Common options include:

  • 8” HD 4 Rivet Endplates
  • Infinity Adjustable Endplates
  • Replacement Spring Safety Clips/Pins
  • Alt Beams: Sq/or Rect. Tube Structural “C”
  • Capacity Labels

All these add-ons are designed for different kinds of applications. For example, you might need infinity adjustable endplates for gravity pallet and carton flow to ensure support where conveyor slopes vary. Ensure all operators are safe and aware of load capacity limits with labels to help productivity and safety.
Whatever you’re looking for, Unirak has plenty of teardrop beams and pallet rack beams for sale to ensure your warehouse is safe, productive, and effective in its operation.

Find Beams for Your Frame Needs

For decades, Unirak knows how to produce beams that help ensure your facility operates the way you intend it to. We implement robotic welding, powder coat paint, and a high-frequency tube mill to deliver high-quality products. Learn more about our step beams and the dimensions and models we have available. Need help addressing your specific warehouse needs? Contact Unirak for one-on-one support about beams.


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